Internet Advertising the Best Way of Reaching Youngsters in India

India is often referred to, as a young nation. This is primarily because 75% of the nation’s population is under the age of 35 years. When we consider that most of these audience groups of youngsters are computer enthusiasts, Internet Advertising comes up as the best way to reach them. With India toppling the USA, in 2010, as the nation with the maximum number of English speakers, companies from across the world have turned their eyes towards the country. The search for a Media, that can reach the masses in India, has resulted in the anointment of Internet Advertising as the most appropriate way of targeting the youngsters.


Most of the youngsters are regular internet users and can be easily found online, especially at specific periods of the day. Targeting them with Internet Advertising is the most effective way of reaching as many as possible for the lowest of costs. Additionally, since the Internet Ads can be customized according to the preferences of the internet user, the impact and the conversions are also higher than the other media. Due to the manifold advances in software and increase in the capacities of hardware, Internet Advertising has a larger span of activities. The ways and methods in which Internet Ads can be delivered to the user continue to increase innovatively. It can be ensured that the products and services are not only advertised but the queries are also anticipated and answered. This ability to distinguish, what the target audience is engaged in at the moment, is vital while targeting youngsters. This is because most of the twenty-first century youths are found playing multiple roles. Targeting youngsters in India is essentially targeting an audience, for most of whom, their internet profiles are the only constant attributes. Thus, the internet is the most well placed medium to target youngsters in India.


Attracting the youngsters in India is a long term investment, as their number is set to grow in the coming years. According to a report by “State of the Urban Youth, India 2012: Employment, Livelihoods, Skills”, by 2020, India will be the youngest country in the world, with 64% of the total population in the working age group. The Top Internet Advertising Agencies in India smell this opportunity and are geared up to handle a larger target audience base in the coming years.


Why modern brand owners prefer online advertising?

Advertising through online media has emerged as one of the effective means of promoting a brand or service to a mass target group. With the growth of information on the internet there is also a growth in the amount of time people spend on it. This has paved the way for a new market for internet advertisers. The wealthiest companies or brand agencies in the world make sure that they get a piece of the internet marketing pie to position their brands in the market.

It has also been researched that internet advertising is a targeted form of presenting the brand message amongst customers. For those companies that target a specific market, internet advertising offers some steering methods that insure that those who see the brand ads are the ones who are most likely to purchase it.  Programs like Google Ad words and AdSense match up advertisers with content so that their target market accesses the brand message regularly. Targeted in nature, advertisers heavily rely on internet media to promote their brands.

As compared to other mediums of advertising , internet is a more affordable means of launching an ad campaign of a brand, service or business. Even if the brand owner has a limited budget, internet advertising can be much more in reach as compared to traditional methods of advertising. Online ads like banner advertising campaign do not cost much. One can plan the campaign according to the budget.

Last but not the least; it is advantageous to advertise through online media considering the good conversion tracking of promotion campaigns. Tracking the reach of a television or newspaper ad is difficult. However internet advertising allows advertisers to track the number of visitors who visited/visit the page from particular ads that make it easy to see what kind of conversion rates a particular ad is getting. It is also for this very reason that modern brand owners prefer to launch their promotion campaigns through online media.



Online Advertising- A powerful means of brand communication

Internet advertising also known as web advertising and online advertising is a form of brand or business promotion that uses the World Wide Web to convey the brand message among target groups. An affordable means of communication, most of the brand owners these days prefer to launch their promotion campaigns through internet media.  Online advertising is also considered as a powerful means of disseminating a brand message among target groups. The following paragraphs provide a brief idea on how internet advertising is a strong means of communication for various brands and businesses.

It is notable that internet is the fastest means of communication among individuals and also between brands and customers. Any online advertising message is not limited by geography and time. One can therefore target as many number of customers through a single ad campaign on online media. Big MNCs across the world have relied on internet advertising as an important medium of marketing. It would therefore be not a fallacy to acclaim that internet advertising is the most powerful means of brand or business communication across the world, not just India.

Advertising on net is also advantageous for the very fact that an online ad campaign is very audience specific. Online advertisers use keywords or phrases on their online ads that are most likely to be used by targeted customers to search for a particular product or service. For example, if one is searching for an affordable footwear brand one would obviously search using keywords or phrase such as affordable footwear brand, best and affordable footwear brand etc. Advertisers consciously analyse those keywords through which customers will reach out to them and use them effectively. Search Engine Marketing, a wing of internet advertising, is very much in demand these days. SEM activities enable a brand owner to attract various customers on the website of the product. Social networking ads are also becoming a popular trend of online advertising.

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What’s so striking about web advertising?

Promoting a brand, business or service through internet is one of the rampant practices among contemporary brand owners and advertisers. Some refer to it as online advertising while some address it as web advertising. No matter how it is known, the utilities of this medium of advertising remain the same. There are many striking reasons about why it is advantageous for a brand/business owner to adopt online media. Some of the reasons are explained through this blog. Take a look.

Targeted form of marketing

Web Advertising is the most targeted form of marketing. It is one of the primary reasons why many brand or business owners prefer web advertising than other means of promotion. Websites are used as sources of research by various brand owners. You, as a brand/business owner, can provide your valuable message through online media as a platform. And by launching an internet advertising campaign of your brand, you can reach out to your customers easily and more effectively.

Traceable and trackable means of communication

An advertiser can trace or track the running promotion campaign by using a few tools or techniques. One can find out how many viewers visited the website and how many spent time accessing the brand message. This traceability enables advertiser to decide whether they should continue or discontinue the advertising campaign. If the number of visitors keeps increasing, the advertiser can consider of prolonging the campaign. If otherwise, he can wrap up the campaign and plan a new one. This is quite an exclusive advantage of adopting online advertising  media. No other ad medium provides such an advantage.

Customers have their own privacy

Customers maintain their own privacy through online , how? Customers access the brand message in a personalized manner through a customized channel. Thus, they have their own privacy while accessing any type of product or business message on the internet world


Things you should know about online advertising!

Advertising on net is becoming quite a trend among modern advertisers. Most of the brands are these days going digital. Perhaps, it has been rightly predicted that online media will be the future medium of communication. Over the last few years, Online Advertising is in huge demand among the brand advertisers in the market. This blog provides a few things you should know about online advertising. Keep reading.

Online Advertising is cost-effective

If you think that it is expensive to launch an internet advertising  campaign for your brand, you would be surprised to find out that online ads are not at all expensive. There are even free of cost advertising options for small advertisers.  It depends upon the type of promotion campaign you want to launch for your brand according to which you can choose the right form of internet advertising. Banner advertising, PPC ads, Viral marketing, Email marketing, Wap advertising, Social networking ads, Pop ups etc. are some forms of internet advertising adopted by advertisers and brand owners.

Online Advertising targets a global audience

One of the major advantages of online advertising is that even local brands get an international platform through online media. An online advertising campaign targets a global audience. Any visitor on the site from anywhere across the world can access the brand message through online media. It is for this very reason why many brand and business owners across the world prefer internet advertising media as compared to other means of advertising.

Immediate publishing of information and content

An internet advertising campaign is one of the easiest means to immediately publish information and content about a particular brand or business. No other advertising medium provides such facilities. The brand message goes live within minutes. Those brand owners who want to promote their products on immediate basis can opt for online advertising media.