What Does the Panda 4.0 update mean for SEO?

SEOs spent a restless last week of the month of May, 2014. Even as Google was preparing to launch Panda 4.0, a few of the prominent sites had already begun witnessing huge decline in visibility and traffic. Although this may have been due to the release of spam algorithm version 2.0, the launch of Panda 4.0 continued the loss of visibility for prominent sites.


As Google’s Matt Cuts had previously mentioned about the upcoming changes, this update maybe specific to certain keywords. Google had received complaints regarding a few keywords that particularly attracted spam. Thus, this update was in the pipeline for some time now. Though the exact manner in which the updates resulted in the lowering of visibility is still unclear, Google had declared that about 7.5% of English queries will be impacted by this update. Going by the percentage, Panda 4.0 will have the highest impact among all the Panda updates. Thus, it is time, once again, for SEO Agencies and SEO Professionals to put themselves on hot seats.


Let us start with what we know. It is seen that the Press Release sites have taken the first hits in the largest volumes. Not many are complaining about this as such sites have become infamous for becoming hubs for spam links. What it means, for the SEOs, is they have to now take extra care while posting content to the Press Release sites. It can no longer be “post it anywhere you can”. SEO Professionals will now have to put Press Release sites through careful scrutiny before hitting the post button.


The SEO Agencies should also be ready for more changes as and when more effects emerge. What they should also remember, is that a quality website with quality content is the only characteristic that will remain untouched by these changes. For all the other factors, the game of cat and mouse will continue.


Building Conversations is the New SEO Mantra

One of the newest techniques, to which SEO Services or Search EngineOptimization Services are moving, is building conversations with the readers. This includes, but is not limited to, the comments that follow a blog post or any other write-up. The tone of the write-ups itself is changing from a straight tone of a one way channel of information to one which is conversational in nature. The conversational tone helps build a relationship between the write-up and the readers, which leads them to feel involved.


It is true that the traditional process of earning business has been a very straightforward exercise. The user searches with keywords, finds a write-up that provides relevant information. If his queries are satisfactorily answered in the blog, he often goes ahead to do business, leading to the sales conversion. However, with the number of write-ups that are available on the internet now, it is no longer possible to read everything that can be found. Internet readers notoriously brought the term “skim reading” in vogue. It is thus, not just the businesses that compete with each other for attention, but the related contents also compete for the readers’ attention. A conversational tone immediately raises the interest of the readers and is more successful in catching their attention.


The Search Engines also see user engagement as an important way of judging the quality of the write-up. The user engagement is most commonly measured by the comments, likes, and number of shares and they are taken into consideration while ranking the page too. SEO Experts now make optimum use of the comments section. Prompt replies, further points and counterpoints are used effectively to start and retain user interest. Apart from the part they play in SEO, such conversations also bring newer viewpoints and facts into the equation and increase the efficiency of the write-up.


SEO Rows on the Constantly Flowing Content Rivers

Stagnancy is death in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is one battle field where you just cannot rest on your past laurels. A few days of inaction in a website are enough to kick it out of the Search Engine Result Pages. Due to the updated Search Engine Crawlers and Spiders and the huge volumes of SEO Content fed to them every day, it is very easy for them to forget the taste of the links to your website. The higher the days of inactive content, higher are the chances that your website is pushed into the dark alleys of the web world, out of reach of all Search Engine Bots.

A constant flow of content is an absolute must for any website. It is the energy which is required by a website in its race for the top spots in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The type of content required for SEO depends on the ways in which the Search Engines’ technologies search and rank. A competitive SEO Agency knows such processes inside out and effectively optimizes the visual and written content of website. SEO Content is also posted in other websites allowing blogs and articles posting and with back links to the website of the business. Even without the back links, SEO Experts build up the Online Reputation of the brand through such postings.

Creation of regular and unique content is a challenge that has to be faced by all SEO Agencies in the present competitive times. The regularity of the content varies on the popularity of the relevant keywords. Some keywords can be optimized with weekly postings while others require a daily dosage. The accurate calculation of the regularity with which the postings are to be done with respect to the keywords is an important attribute of a successful SEO Agency. A close watch on the behavior of the popular Search Engines is the first step required for such a calculation.


Tips For Internet Advertisements

Ever since the internet entered households in the 1990s, it has changed the scenario of communication and business. The associated services also underwent sea changes in order to adjust to the change in technology. The world of advertising was no different. With the consumers becoming glued to their desktops and mobiles rather than the TV or the newspaper, the age of Internet Advertisements has arrived. Advertisers are fast learning the concepts and the factors which drive this new platform. Here are a few tips which can increase the profitability of posting ads in the digital world:


Internet Advertisements or Digital Advertisements opened up possibilities hitherto impossible. However, it also intensified the dangers of irritating the consumers. This danger had already set up shop with TV advertisements. However, at least they were in between the programs. Advertisements on the Internet are usually placed on a website or alongside applications. Thus, it is very important to maintain the relevance of the ads. This can be established by studying the user’s preferences of the websites he visits and games and applications he uses. Intelligent placement of interstitial ads, which do not disturb the user during actual usage of any application, is also an effective solution.

SEO/Web Development

An ad put up on the internet is only the first step in the process of Digital Advertising. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a must in order to ensure that prospective buyers find the ads when they search for the relevant product or service. An active Web Development team is also necessary as the relevance of the landing pages are as important as that of the ads.

Think Out of the Box

With the hundreds of new advertising possibilities introduced by Internet Advertising, out of the box ideas and their efficient implementations can work wonders for the Internet Advertising Campaigns. The opportunities are not merely technical. New ways of putting up even the old forms of Online Advertising like Internet Banner Advertising and Video Campaigns can be created.

Don’t Forget the Mobile

With more and more consumers shifting to mobiles for the use of the internet, Mobile Advertising Campaigns, targeted at the mobile users, are as important as their desktop counterparts.

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