Visual SEO Content Vs Written SEO Content

One of the opinions circulating in the Online Advertising circles is that Visual SEO Content is better than Written SEO Content. The question to be asked here is “What are the criteria which are being used for the judgment?” Because though it is true that visual content is far more attractive than written content, Internet Ads having more visual content do not always have better sales per click. Enticing a click is only the first step targeted by an Online Ad. If the click does not convert into actual buying, it is of little use to the business. What needs to be attained is a balance by which attractive visuals or graphics and written content can be put together.

Ads focusing more on the visual content often confuse the user on what the actual nature of the product or service is. Thus, the clicks often do not get converted into actual sales in which case the benefits of the attractive ad cannot be reaped. The Top Internet Advertising Agencies know that sacrificing written content in the favor of visual content may lead to a high traffic but is unlikely to generate sales on its own. Moreover, at a time when Mobile Internet Advertising is increasingly taking over Desktop Internet Advertising, focusing only on visuals may increase the confusion. The small spaces have to be utilized in a smart way, and thus most Mobile Internet Ads contain written content with the visuals in the background.

Attempts to decide whether visual content is more important than written content is a futile exercise as both of them are equally important for a successful Internet Advertising Campaign. The visuals and graphics create the attraction, leading the user to click on them, while the well written ad copies maintain the relevancy of the users who so.


Online Reputation Management (ORM) – The New SEO Focal Point

After the latest changes by Google, Online Reputation Management or ORM has become more important than ever. Filling web pages with keywords have taken a backseat as SEO Experts are now more focused on the applauses and criticism which the already posted sites attract. It is no longer important to just stay visible. The image which is being portrayed by or inferred from the existing visibility is equally important. Online Advertising and Online Marketing have been rudely woken up to the fact that lesser visibility is far better than higher visibility with a negative impact.

What Is ORM?

You must have tried searching your own name in Google and become delightfully fascinated when links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online profiles appeared in the results. The nature of results which appear in this manner is your Online Reputation. Similarly, the kind of results (not the ranking) which appear prominently in Google’s search results, when the name of the organization is searched for, is its Online Reputation. The most common way of analyzing the reputation which a business has online is to study the reviews and comments which appear at the websites that are prominently visible.

Why Is ORM Important?

Due to Google’s new change, the ranking of a website now depends more on the interactions attracted by its content than the number of keywords. With sharing of links becoming popular in social websites like Facebook, Google+, and twitter, reviews and discussions on the content are readily available. Google’s new algorithm ensures that the prominence of the page is directly proportional to the number of such reviews and discussions. The problem occurs when your website attracts negative reactions and those links get highlighted in the search results. This can not only push away your clients and customers to your competitors but also cause damage to the reputation of your business.

How Do ORM Service Providers Do?

The ORM Service providers and ORM Experts strategically publish SEO Content that creates good reviews. This pushes the links with negative comments and reviews lower down the search rankings. Even though ORM is prone to unethical means like fake comments made through fake accounts and sites, any good ORM Expert will know that unethical ORM practices do not pay in the long run.

ORM Services have become crucial for your online presence. An online presence without Online Reputation Management is like putting out wares for sale without caring about the kind of responses that they are attracting.


Get the Most Out Of Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is the latest buzzword in Online Advertising circles. Digital Advertising can no longer be complete without the Advertising Campaigns run on the mobiles. Thus, it would be a good idea to invest in the services of a good Mobile Advertising Company. With current trends showing an ardent shift towards internet usage on mobiles, a Mobile Ad is a long term investment. Analysts all over the world have also confirmed that the increase in mobile internet usage does translate into increased online buying via the mobile. According to Comcast Corp., users clicked on the Mobile Ads at a rate 4 times higher than the desktop ads. As any good advertiser would know, ads work best where the consumers nest!

Thus, the immediate requirement of businesses is to focus their advertising resources into this new media which has opened up avenues hitherto unknown. Considering a few points will go a long way in tapping the new opportunities in the maximum possible manner.

Well Targeted Ads

One of the key areas which have seen a revolutionary change with the introduction of Advertising on Mobiles is market segmentation. It is no longer necessary to rely on the age old methods of surveys in order to determine the segments of the market. Internet Marketing had already started studying the behavior of the users and forming segments based on the frequency of the websites visited. Mobile Advertising increased the accuracy of this segmentation. Since the mobile is a personal device, the analysts can be sure that the calculations being done pertain to a single user. Better market segmentation leads to better targeted ads which in return result in better conversion rates.

Utilize New Techniques    

Advertising on Mobile opened up new techniques of getting in touch with the companies. For example, click to call and voice and key pad interactions were not feasible with desktop ads. Make sure that these techniques are utilized.

Play Smart

Utilize concepts of interstitial ads so as to avoid evoking irritation in the consumer. Flash Games, Interactive Competitions, etc. can also be used to good effects.

Even as some analysts are still apprehensive on the future of this medium, the figures are very reassuring.  Focusing on a few simple areas like the above can go a long way in getting the most out of mobile advertising.


Why internet advertising grows so fast?

Ever wondered the number of internet users that is on a rapid rise all across the world. Internet is now the fastest and easiest means of communication among individuals worldwide. Irrespective of age or life style, almost every 4 out of 5 people use internet as an entertainment means and also as a medium of finding valuable information about places, products, people or anything. For brand owners and advertisers, internet has emerged as a major medium of communication. It is also predicted that internet advertising is poised to replace traditional advertising channels. One of the issues worth discussing is why internet advertising grows so fast of all the mediums of brand promotion? Following are a few points that explain why online advertising practices grow so fast among advertisers. Take a look.

Faster than offline advertising

Speed is what matters in today’s fast world. Internet advertising is the fastest means of conveying any brand message to customers in a customized manner. One can start sending the brand ad to a wide audience the very moment the advertising campaign is launched. No other advertising media provides such facilities. This faster attribute of online advertising is one of the major advantages of launching a promotion campaign through online media.

Better Branding

Online Advertising is also an effective means of providing better branding solutions for a product or business. Customers who avail of the brand message also have an additional option to go through the complete detail of the brand by visiting its website. This increases the credibility among customers and they are prone to buying the product. An online advertising media also stands a notch high in improving the branding of any company, product or service. Coupled by a well-developed, designed and maintained website, a brand has more chances of winning customers’ favour through an online advertising campaign. If such is the benefit, why should not you try online advertising for your brand?


Online Advertising & Its Various Utilities

Every visitor on your website could be a potential customer for your business. Therefore, it is important for you to keep a track on the number of visitors on your website and also to attract more visitors on your site. Online Advertising is one effective means to attract many customers on your website by displaying an interactive message about your business on the publisher’s site. Visitors who come across your advertisement get directed to your website by clicking on the online advertising display. An internet advertising display could be in the form of a banner ad, a pop up ad, a PPC ad or a social networking ad. An internet advertising display easily attracts customers’ attention through its flashy presentation of brand message.


Internet Advertising has various utilities. Two significant advantages of this means of promotion are enlisted below. Take a look.


Global medium


Internet is a global medium to reach out to global audiences. A local brand can also be promoted among global customers. Any brand information that is updated on a website can be accessed by anyone across the globe. It is this very feature of online media that has attracted many customers to rely on it. The number of internet users has also dramatically increased over the years. Also with the craze of social networking, users from all walks of life are getting populated on the e-world. Revolutionizing brand communication like never before, internet advertising rules the roost among other mediums of promotion.


Most personalized means of communication


A brand message through internet media is accessed by customers in the most personalized manner. Customers do not feel disturbed or irritated by the brand message through internet media. It is mainly for this reason that modern customers heavily rely on internet to seek valuable brand information or to find out striking deals of various brands and businesses. The same trend is expected to last further or increase in the near future.


Online advertising is a good business stimulator

Online advertising or internet advertising is considered as one of the most effective means of stimulating a business, brand, product or service among target groups. Thus, many brand owners are opting online advertising media to endorse their brands and services among target audience. Internet advertising is considered as the most beneficial means of communication. It has also been admired as one such medium that generates good revenue for a business owner.

An online campaign is the simplest means to communicate the details of a product to the right audience in minimal time and budget.

An Online advertising campaign helps the brand owners to communicate with each other through online media. They can talk and discuss on practical deals available on the internet which is a good tactic to get linked to number of different markets. A good link with several markets means prospect of more sales and thereby generating good revenue for the overall business.

Internet advertising is not limited to a particular area or city or a country. One can easily access any kind of information about the brand through an online ad from anywhere across the globe. A brand owner targeting international audiences through an online advertising can be benefitted a lot by letting his brand message reachable to many on the web world.

In order to make one’s brand more sociable, online advertising is an excellent mode. Now a-days the social networking sites have a wide scope which helps the brand owners to easily communicate with their business counterparts or with their target groups across the world. The trend of ads on social networking sites is also rising day by day. No wonder, modern customers love spending time on the internet for social networking or finding information about anything or simply for leisure purpose. If the brand owner presents his message through a popular website to the right audience in the right mode, he can undoubtedly fascinate the attention of many customers. But online advertising requires few approaches, tricks and tactics to make it a successful media. One must present the brand message in such a manner that is attractive and flashy with a rich, understandable and correct content.


Internet media is the best promotion tool

Want to promote your brand? Confused on choosing the internet advertising as a promotion tool for your brand? If yes, read the benefits of internet advertising below and decide whether you want to opt for this medium of advertising.

Rich content and appealing graphic

Another biggest attraction is its rich content and graphic. Because of such features, visitor gets glued to the brand message. Banner advertising, bulk emails, virals, PPC campaigns are few forms of the online advertising which the brand owners use to endorse their products/services/brands on World Wide Web. Most of the online ad campaigns convey interesting brand messages to customers. Thus the recall value is also very good through an online ad display.

Online Advertising – global reach

One of the major advantages of advertising through online media is its reach beyond geographical boundaries. You can target a global audience through your advertising campaign no matter where you are. Usage of internet not limited to a particular place, city or country. Anyone can access the brand message displayed on internet from anywhere.  A local brand can even be promoted to international audiences through online advertising.

 Internet- A revolutionized medium

Recently, internet has become a revolutionized medium of interaction among individuals and also among brand owners and their target audience. The reliability of today’s customers on internet media has sharply increased over the years.  This medium can be customized and personalized as per the needs of the brand. Any type of brand information can be accessed anytime from anywhere. This inclined the customers towards the online media more than any other mediums of advertising at present. The e-revolution has stolen a larger piece of the marketing cake at present.