Advertising Online? Make Sure Your Content Leaves No Scope for Trolls!

Internet Advertising has a new threat. No, this threat is not from the black hats, neither is it from a new updates of the search engines. This threat comes directly from the very users which Internet Advertising target (or at least the cheeky ones). These are the very funny, very witty (but from the brand’s point of view, very unwanted) Trolls. Trolling has the capability to hit your ad so hard that it becomes a major task to proofread it against any such possibility.

A troll is any internet user who comments or modifies any posting on the internet (including ad campaigns) with an intention to cause disruption or sabotage the post. A troll usually finds loopholes in the graphics or the ad copy and wrecks havoc with slight modifications or by pointing out the discrepancy with their comments and re-tweets. The way to prevent them from doing so is to ensure that the copies and design do not resemble anything which is offensive or defeats the purpose of the campaign. Campaigns which are highly localized should also take the local anecdotes and customs into consideration. For example, an Internet Advertising Campaign, using a series of images and targeting the Middle East, should be careful as Arabic, the prevalent language there, is read from the right to left.

The trolls have increased the importance and scope of proofreading. The leading Internet Advertising Agencies take special care on this front. A trolled ad campaign often tends to be a complete disaster as it usually gains more popularity than the original ad itself.


Internet Advertising Veering Towards Simplicity over Hype

Internet Advertising, when it started, was loud in approach and strove to drive its purpose on hype and urgency. The high on promises and low on intention banners soon fell to the deaf years of the internet users. The users became more and more interested and involved in the content rather than the hype attempted by the ads. Elements like internet fraud also played a part as they too focused on promises that seem straight out of a fiction novel. The netizens soon realized that if it is too good to be true, then it is most probably not true. Internet Advertising took the remedial measurements and changed the attitude of the ads. Internet Ads are becoming simpler in their presentation, looking to engage the user rather than capture him with hype.

The most appropriate examples of this change are the PPC Ads. Mostly restricted to a couple of lines, PPCs are quite straightforward in their announcement. The banners too toned down quite a bit in their announcements and look to engage the reader with the information in the content rather than create hype around the product or service. SEO experts believe that this trend will continue in 2014 and will be fuelled by the discussion forums. Thus, one of the things that internet users can expect in 2014 is engaging and enriching content as Internet Advertising Agencies will compete in providing extensive social media coverage to their clients. Maintaining a good Online Reputation will become an important key deliverable of agencies providing Internet Advertising Services.


Combine Banner Advertising and PPC for Optimized Results

Some in the industry of Internet Advertising believe that if one invests in PPC, there is no requirement for Banner Advertisements. However, apart from the fact that Banner Ads are still important as a low cost method of targeting a wide viewership, they can also be used to boost the PPCs. It has been found that many users search for a product or service after seeing a Web Banner for the same. In such cases, the traffic for the PPC is created by the Banner Ad.

It is ideal for a new launch to initiate the online promotions through the Banners first. Unlike the PPCs, Banners reach a large number of users. Since they prove lower in cost than the PPCs, it is a good way to introduce the product or service. Once the desired levels of visibility have been attained, investments in PPC can be made. Many Internet Advertising Agencies, offering Banner Advertising Services, also recommend running both of them at the same time. The Web Banners would then attract traffic from other relevant sites and the PPCs would come into play once the user has shifted into the buying mode.



Internet media is the best promotion tool

Want to promote your brand? Confused on choosing the internet advertising as a promotion tool for your brand? If yes, read the benefits of internet advertising below and decide whether you want to opt for this medium of advertising.

Rich content and appealing graphic

Another biggest attraction is its rich content and graphic. Because of such features, visitor gets glued to the brand message. Banner advertising, bulk emails, virals, PPC campaigns are few forms of the online advertising which the brand owners use to endorse their products/services/brands on World Wide Web. Most of the online ad campaigns convey interesting brand messages to customers. Thus the recall value is also very good through an online ad display.

Online Advertising – global reach

One of the major advantages of advertising through online media is its reach beyond geographical boundaries. You can target a global audience through your advertising campaign no matter where you are. Usage of internet not limited to a particular place, city or country. Anyone can access the brand message displayed on internet from anywhere.  A local brand can even be promoted to international audiences through online advertising.

 Internet- A revolutionized medium

Recently, internet has become a revolutionized medium of interaction among individuals and also among brand owners and their target audience. The reliability of today’s customers on internet media has sharply increased over the years.  This medium can be customized and personalized as per the needs of the brand. Any type of brand information can be accessed anytime from anywhere. This inclined the customers towards the online media more than any other mediums of advertising at present. The e-revolution has stolen a larger piece of the marketing cake at present.


Online Advertising- A powerful means of brand communication

Internet advertising also known as web advertising and online advertising is a form of brand or business promotion that uses the World Wide Web to convey the brand message among target groups. An affordable means of communication, most of the brand owners these days prefer to launch their promotion campaigns through internet media.  Online advertising is also considered as a powerful means of disseminating a brand message among target groups. The following paragraphs provide a brief idea on how internet advertising is a strong means of communication for various brands and businesses.

It is notable that internet is the fastest means of communication among individuals and also between brands and customers. Any online advertising message is not limited by geography and time. One can therefore target as many number of customers through a single ad campaign on online media. Big MNCs across the world have relied on internet advertising as an important medium of marketing. It would therefore be not a fallacy to acclaim that internet advertising is the most powerful means of brand or business communication across the world, not just India.

Advertising on net is also advantageous for the very fact that an online ad campaign is very audience specific. Online advertisers use keywords or phrases on their online ads that are most likely to be used by targeted customers to search for a particular product or service. For example, if one is searching for an affordable footwear brand one would obviously search using keywords or phrase such as affordable footwear brand, best and affordable footwear brand etc. Advertisers consciously analyse those keywords through which customers will reach out to them and use them effectively. Search Engine Marketing, a wing of internet advertising, is very much in demand these days. SEM activities enable a brand owner to attract various customers on the website of the product. Social networking ads are also becoming a popular trend of online advertising.

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Things you should know about online advertising!

Advertising on net is becoming quite a trend among modern advertisers. Most of the brands are these days going digital. Perhaps, it has been rightly predicted that online media will be the future medium of communication. Over the last few years, Online Advertising is in huge demand among the brand advertisers in the market. This blog provides a few things you should know about online advertising. Keep reading.

Online Advertising is cost-effective

If you think that it is expensive to launch an internet advertising  campaign for your brand, you would be surprised to find out that online ads are not at all expensive. There are even free of cost advertising options for small advertisers.  It depends upon the type of promotion campaign you want to launch for your brand according to which you can choose the right form of internet advertising. Banner advertising, PPC ads, Viral marketing, Email marketing, Wap advertising, Social networking ads, Pop ups etc. are some forms of internet advertising adopted by advertisers and brand owners.

Online Advertising targets a global audience

One of the major advantages of online advertising is that even local brands get an international platform through online media. An online advertising campaign targets a global audience. Any visitor on the site from anywhere across the world can access the brand message through online media. It is for this very reason why many brand and business owners across the world prefer internet advertising media as compared to other means of advertising.

Immediate publishing of information and content

An internet advertising campaign is one of the easiest means to immediately publish information and content about a particular brand or business. No other advertising medium provides such facilities. The brand message goes live within minutes. Those brand owners who want to promote their products on immediate basis can opt for online advertising media.