PPC Banner Ads Have the Potential to Become the Face of Online Ads

PPC (Pay per Click) Banner Ads are the most non-interruptive ways of advertising in the online medium. They appear only when the user has made a specific search for the relevant products or services. In other words PPCs are ads that the user has specifically searched on his own. The growing popularity of the PPCs puts them in a strong position with regards to the opportunity to become the face of all Advertising on the internet.


The most important advantage which PPC Ads have, over the other methods, is that the consumers reach them on their own accord. It is they who are in need and this puts a lot of power in the PPCs while they try to convert a user into a buyer. In fact, PPCs placed in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are so accurate that they do not even need the aid of displays or other spectacular graphics to attract. A simple short copy, focusing on the USP (like “Low Prices”, “Wide Range” and more) is more than enough to do the job. The high percentages of conversions are also due to the fact that the PPCs are often direct in leading a user straight to the sales page. This can be done because it is assured that a user typing something like “buy shoes in delhi” is definitely in need of the item. Thus, PPCs can skip the intermediate steps of pitching for the product or service. Even in the case of Social Media PPCs that make use of images, a detailed work from the graphic designing team is not required.


Nevertheless, the best way to begin your brand’s experience with PPCs is to invest in the ones prompted by the search engines. There cannot be more fruitful results than advertising before an online user who has taken the trouble of typing out his requirements. If your brand is still new to or yet to explore the high conversion rates of PPCs, it is highly advisable that you join the bandwagon, and enjoy the benefits of the most effective way to advertise your brand on the internet.


In Mobile Advertising, “To Entice” or “To Provoke” is the Question

An important question in Mobile Advertising, like any form of Advertising, concerns the tone of the pitch being made for the product. Some say that an advertisement should be more informative so that the ones who actually need the product or service would be benefitted. That saying, just like many other traits of advertising, belongs to a past age now. The modern world of advertising has come to know and accept methods like “ambush advertising” where masked attacks are launched at the competitors. Mobile Advertising has also seen a change in trend and the Mobile Banners that once enticed at the most, now also attempt to provoke the user into feeling shame, guilty or threatened.

How many of you have encountered pop up banners saying something like, “Beware!! 33 viruses detected in your mobile!!”? Did you stop to notice that this happened only when you performed certain actions like opening an application? No? You became so concerned that you stopped noticing anything else. The banner has then fulfilled its primary task. If you have clicked on the same, its purpose has been fulfilled. This is the latest in the line of Mobile Ads that provoke a reaction in the viewer that would lead him to click on the link to the website of the advertiser. This style stands in difference from the traditional Web Banners where the attempts that are made are to entice the user with ad copies like “Find the cheapest mobile phones here”.

Thus, the most important question for Mobile Advertising Agencies right now is whether to entice or to provoke.


Mobile Advertising Changing the Face of Advertising

The mobile revolution has gripped the entire world by frenzy. The time spent by the present generation with their mobile phones was inconceivable a few years back. Modern Advertising plunged into this revolution and emerged in the face of Mobile Advertising. Mobile Advertising Agencies are one of the busiest lots, having to deal with constant and fast changes prompted by the advances in technology.


The first step which caused a consequential increase in the scope of Mobile Advertising is the increase in the speed of mobile internet services. Mobile Advertising that was once limited to sms and voice campaigns, soon spread to the forms of Mobile Banner Ads, ushering in tremendous opportunities and possibilities for Mobile Advertising. Mobiles being personal devices, they facilitate incredible levels of interaction. And as the golden rules of ads have been written on interactivity, Mobile Ads were automatically placed to have a much higher impact. The two most influential events which occurred for Mobile Advertising were the start of GPS services and the popularity of mobile apps. With GPS technology being enabled in mobiles, the exact location of the user could be determined. Mobile Ads based on the immediate surroundings of the user were targeted at the user. A Mobile Advertisement of a restaurant sent to a user has a much higher impact when he is near it. Non-interfering Mobile Ads were placed in the mobile apps and they often ranked very high on relevancy.


In the face of the increasing shift of the internet users to mobiles, associating one’s business with a good Mobile Advertising Agency is a good idea. No other advertising medium had been so much dependent on technology as much as Mobile Advertising. Thus, fast changes in the associated technologies necessitate fast changes in the Mobile Advertising Methods.


Why internet advertising grows so fast?

Ever wondered the number of internet users that is on a rapid rise all across the world. Internet is now the fastest and easiest means of communication among individuals worldwide. Irrespective of age or life style, almost every 4 out of 5 people use internet as an entertainment means and also as a medium of finding valuable information about places, products, people or anything. For brand owners and advertisers, internet has emerged as a major medium of communication. It is also predicted that internet advertising is poised to replace traditional advertising channels. One of the issues worth discussing is why internet advertising grows so fast of all the mediums of brand promotion? Following are a few points that explain why online advertising practices grow so fast among advertisers. Take a look.

Faster than offline advertising

Speed is what matters in today’s fast world. Internet advertising is the fastest means of conveying any brand message to customers in a customized manner. One can start sending the brand ad to a wide audience the very moment the advertising campaign is launched. No other advertising media provides such facilities. This faster attribute of online advertising is one of the major advantages of launching a promotion campaign through online media.

Better Branding

Online Advertising is also an effective means of providing better branding solutions for a product or business. Customers who avail of the brand message also have an additional option to go through the complete detail of the brand by visiting its website. This increases the credibility among customers and they are prone to buying the product. An online advertising media also stands a notch high in improving the branding of any company, product or service. Coupled by a well-developed, designed and maintained website, a brand has more chances of winning customers’ favour through an online advertising campaign. If such is the benefit, why should not you try online advertising for your brand?


Online Advertising & Its Various Utilities

Every visitor on your website could be a potential customer for your business. Therefore, it is important for you to keep a track on the number of visitors on your website and also to attract more visitors on your site. Online Advertising is one effective means to attract many customers on your website by displaying an interactive message about your business on the publisher’s site. Visitors who come across your advertisement get directed to your website by clicking on the online advertising display. An internet advertising display could be in the form of a banner ad, a pop up ad, a PPC ad or a social networking ad. An internet advertising display easily attracts customers’ attention through its flashy presentation of brand message.


Internet Advertising has various utilities. Two significant advantages of this means of promotion are enlisted below. Take a look.


Global medium


Internet is a global medium to reach out to global audiences. A local brand can also be promoted among global customers. Any brand information that is updated on a website can be accessed by anyone across the globe. It is this very feature of online media that has attracted many customers to rely on it. The number of internet users has also dramatically increased over the years. Also with the craze of social networking, users from all walks of life are getting populated on the e-world. Revolutionizing brand communication like never before, internet advertising rules the roost among other mediums of promotion.


Most personalized means of communication


A brand message through internet media is accessed by customers in the most personalized manner. Customers do not feel disturbed or irritated by the brand message through internet media. It is mainly for this reason that modern customers heavily rely on internet to seek valuable brand information or to find out striking deals of various brands and businesses. The same trend is expected to last further or increase in the near future.


Contemporary Advertising versus Conventional Advertising!

In an age of advertising, brand owners and advertisers strive to promote their brands in the market by utilising the best available resources and manpower. Be it the tool or technique, advertisers ensure that they launch the promotion campaign in the best possible way. By and by, the concept of brand advertising has been evolved from a marketing tool to a mandatory part and parcel of every business. The growing importance of brand advertising also enhances the need to upgrade the advertising tools and techniques from customary to contemporary means and methods. All in all, the adoption of brand new tools, methods and measures of brand advertising- all these have encouraged a wide range of brand owners to expand their brand promotion expertise in various new avenues. In the following paragraphs, let us take a look at how contemporary brand advertising trends have evolved from customary trends by highlighting the features of contemporary advertising (in particular).

Contemporary Advertising is technologically advanced

One of the striking features or benefits about contemporary advertising is its technologically advanced mode. In terms of tools and methods, advertising in today’s age is a hassle-free and less time consuming activity. When you have got a promotional idea or theme, you can communicate the same to your customers within hours by utilising technologically sound tools and methods. Such is the trait of modern advertising.

Contemporary Advertising offers bulk opportunities for brand owners

In contemporary advertising, the market is generally bulk. A bulk market provides pools of opportunities to advertisers to practice their advertising expertise in various avenues. One of the best parts of modern advertising is the presentation of the brand message in a fresh and creative manner with an innovative theme. Though it doesn’t mean conventional ads were boring and dull, modern ads highlight more creativity and innovation thereby providing a rich interaction between customers and brands.


Benefits of Online Advertising for your business

The importance of internet advertising is growing day by day which implies the effectiveness of this medium for communicating with target groups. Online Advertising is one such mode of endorsing a brand, business or service in the market.

Online Advertising is the most cost effective means of communication. Customers can be reached quite easily with Online Advertising. Anyone who can surf internet can access any type of brand information that is available on the World Wide Web. Online media provide numerous opportunities to advertisers to display their messages to as many numbers of customers as required. This makes the brand message readily available to the customers without any geographical constraint. Advertisers can also opt for data based targeting through which the brand message reaches out to the specific target mass group only.

Advertisers have number of options in internet advertising, through which he can promote his products or services such as PPC Ads, Banner Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media Ads etc. A single internet advertising campaign if planned and implemented perfectly can create a good influence on target groups. Hence advertisers should study or understand all valuable strategies before launching a promotion campaign of their brands or services.

Online advertising enables customers to go through the brand message according to their choice. As a result, a particular online ad is not forced upon the viewers to view it. Customers can click on the ad at their discretion. If they like the display ad, they can click it and go through the detailed information of the product/business otherwise, a close button on the ad takes away the brand message. Other ads do not provide this facility to customers and this is one of the reasons why online media is a favorite means of brand communication for advertisers.