Internet Advertising the Best Way of Reaching Youngsters in India

India is often referred to, as a young nation. This is primarily because 75% of the nation’s population is under the age of 35 years. When we consider that most of these audience groups of youngsters are computer enthusiasts, Internet Advertising comes up as the best way to reach them. With India toppling the USA, in 2010, as the nation with the maximum number of English speakers, companies from across the world have turned their eyes towards the country. The search for a Media, that can reach the masses in India, has resulted in the anointment of Internet Advertising as the most appropriate way of targeting the youngsters.


Most of the youngsters are regular internet users and can be easily found online, especially at specific periods of the day. Targeting them with Internet Advertising is the most effective way of reaching as many as possible for the lowest of costs. Additionally, since the Internet Ads can be customized according to the preferences of the internet user, the impact and the conversions are also higher than the other media. Due to the manifold advances in software and increase in the capacities of hardware, Internet Advertising has a larger span of activities. The ways and methods in which Internet Ads can be delivered to the user continue to increase innovatively. It can be ensured that the products and services are not only advertised but the queries are also anticipated and answered. This ability to distinguish, what the target audience is engaged in at the moment, is vital while targeting youngsters. This is because most of the twenty-first century youths are found playing multiple roles. Targeting youngsters in India is essentially targeting an audience, for most of whom, their internet profiles are the only constant attributes. Thus, the internet is the most well placed medium to target youngsters in India.


Attracting the youngsters in India is a long term investment, as their number is set to grow in the coming years. According to a report by “State of the Urban Youth, India 2012: Employment, Livelihoods, Skills”, by 2020, India will be the youngest country in the world, with 64% of the total population in the working age group. The Top Internet Advertising Agencies in India smell this opportunity and are geared up to handle a larger target audience base in the coming years.


In Mobile Advertising, “To Entice” or “To Provoke” is the Question

An important question in Mobile Advertising, like any form of Advertising, concerns the tone of the pitch being made for the product. Some say that an advertisement should be more informative so that the ones who actually need the product or service would be benefitted. That saying, just like many other traits of advertising, belongs to a past age now. The modern world of advertising has come to know and accept methods like “ambush advertising” where masked attacks are launched at the competitors. Mobile Advertising has also seen a change in trend and the Mobile Banners that once enticed at the most, now also attempt to provoke the user into feeling shame, guilty or threatened.

How many of you have encountered pop up banners saying something like, “Beware!! 33 viruses detected in your mobile!!”? Did you stop to notice that this happened only when you performed certain actions like opening an application? No? You became so concerned that you stopped noticing anything else. The banner has then fulfilled its primary task. If you have clicked on the same, its purpose has been fulfilled. This is the latest in the line of Mobile Ads that provoke a reaction in the viewer that would lead him to click on the link to the website of the advertiser. This style stands in difference from the traditional Web Banners where the attempts that are made are to entice the user with ad copies like “Find the cheapest mobile phones here”.

Thus, the most important question for Mobile Advertising Agencies right now is whether to entice or to provoke.


Mobile Advertising Changing the Face of Advertising

The mobile revolution has gripped the entire world by frenzy. The time spent by the present generation with their mobile phones was inconceivable a few years back. Modern Advertising plunged into this revolution and emerged in the face of Mobile Advertising. Mobile Advertising Agencies are one of the busiest lots, having to deal with constant and fast changes prompted by the advances in technology.


The first step which caused a consequential increase in the scope of Mobile Advertising is the increase in the speed of mobile internet services. Mobile Advertising that was once limited to sms and voice campaigns, soon spread to the forms of Mobile Banner Ads, ushering in tremendous opportunities and possibilities for Mobile Advertising. Mobiles being personal devices, they facilitate incredible levels of interaction. And as the golden rules of ads have been written on interactivity, Mobile Ads were automatically placed to have a much higher impact. The two most influential events which occurred for Mobile Advertising were the start of GPS services and the popularity of mobile apps. With GPS technology being enabled in mobiles, the exact location of the user could be determined. Mobile Ads based on the immediate surroundings of the user were targeted at the user. A Mobile Advertisement of a restaurant sent to a user has a much higher impact when he is near it. Non-interfering Mobile Ads were placed in the mobile apps and they often ranked very high on relevancy.


In the face of the increasing shift of the internet users to mobiles, associating one’s business with a good Mobile Advertising Agency is a good idea. No other advertising medium had been so much dependent on technology as much as Mobile Advertising. Thus, fast changes in the associated technologies necessitate fast changes in the Mobile Advertising Methods.


Internet has become a magnetic medium for attracting the consumers

Internet – the most relied medium of communication among folks across the globe these days. Internet has also emerged as a fast growing medium of brand communication among advertisers and brand owners. Today, internet has become a powerful medium for the people who want to purchase a product or service. Many people use the internet for news and entertainment purposes too. Brand owners or advertiser can easily target such potential customers through online advertising. For example, Facebook has become one of the most favorite social networking sites for people from all walks of life. There are multiple brand owners who have so far taken the help of Facebook to link with their mass target. 

One such methods of web advertising is Search Engine Optimization. Advertisers have understood the worth of this online advertising and are heavily relying on it to endorse their products or services among potential clientele. Web surfers commonly use search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. when they want to buy/use a particular product or service. Those websites that are listed in the top few search results for usually entered phrases are easily noticed. No doubt, Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming process but if applied with the right tactics and strategies, the brand owners can have a fiscally rewarding profit.

There are number of methods of internet advertising such as Pay Per Click, Search Pay Per Click, Cost Per Impression, Cost Per View, Email marketing etc. It will not be a surprise for advertisers if internet advertising overtakes other means of advertising in the near future. Online Advertising offers brand owners a more layered method of reaching out to the possible customers.


Avenues of advertising via Internet and mobile devices

Advertising is an art of communication which persuades a target audience about a particular brand, service or business. The aim of advertising is to endorse the product or service of a company. Advertising helps in creating a brand identity and simultaneously serves as a successful means to communicate to the target group about the value of the product or the service. Advertising is the core of any business. Advertising not only creates a brand identity of a product but also provides awareness among the target group about the brand, service or business. For existing brands, advertising promotes brand recall to existing customers while for new brands; advertising attracts a new pool of target customers.

Advertising can be carried out through different media so that the particular advertisement gains a mass appeal from the target group. Advertising brings a brand to the public through various channels to ensure that the brand or service stays in the loop of any marketing activity in the target market.

Mobile Advertising

 A subset of mobile marketing, mobile advertising is a form of advertising a brand, product, service or business via the cell phones or mobile devices. Mobiles ads provide immediacy or responsiveness as mobile phones are the most personalized devices of an individual. Mobile Advertising is a new territory found for media owners and advertisers who are willing to gauge the market response immediately. Mobile SMS advertising provides brand recall value and creditability for the advertiser. However, to leverage the strength of mobile advertising, timely and reliable delivery of message is paramount. Advertising options via mobile include SMS advertising, contest hosting ads, gaming ads, subscription based alert ads etc. Among all these mobile advertising options, SMS ads are the most popular.

Internet Advertising

Advertising via internet is quite in vogue in the market. Internet Advertising has gained a similar mass appeal like mobile advertising. Like mobile ads this type of advertising renders effectiveness and immediacy. Mobile and internet both are the personalized devices of an individual hence advertising through these mediums render effectiveness and immediacy as compared to other tools of advertising. Advertising options through internet include banner advertising, viral marketing, PPC, pop-up advertising, affiliate marketing etc. Banner text advertising and PPC are the two most common forms of internet advertising.

Mobile and Internet open new avenues of brand advertising in a more engaging and interacting manner. To sum up, Mobile and Internet ads provide accountability, measurability and reach ability to the advertiser or media owner.


Transformation in brand advertising through internet & mobile media

Brand Advertising through internet and mobile media has become a fast emerging mode of promotion. Modern brand owners spend heavily to launch various promotion campaigns through internet and mobile media. With an enormous digital revolution, trends of brand advertising have already evolved from the conventional norms. The launch of internet advertising and mobile advertising practices is yet another exclusive opportunity for brand owners and advertisers to provide a strong appeal about their brands amongst customers.  In the following paragraphs, let us have a brief idea how mobile and internet advertising mediums are highly in demand in the market.

By internet advertising , we usually refer to any form of brand promotion that is implemented through the web world. Banner ads and PPC ads are two common forms of internet advertising. These two practices are widely deployed by various online advertising agencies to promote their client’s service or product amongst target groups. Internet advertising media is going to boom further and brand advertisers are going to highly benefit from this medium of advertising in the near future.  Content Advertising, Pay for inclusion, pay per call, pop up ads, SEO, affiliate marketing etc. are some other forms of internet advertising practices used by brand owners/advertisers.

Mobile advertising is a subset of mobile marketing. Any form of brand promotion that is made available through a mobile phone device comes under mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is considered one of the fast growing mediums of advertising as it provides brand messages to customers on the go. One can avail of the brand message wherever he or she is. Mobile advertising has also one added advantage over internet advertising. Customers may or may not visit a particular website and find details about a brand. However, mobile phones are the most personalized extension of any individual. Conveying the brand message through mobile media is a surest mode of advertising. Mobile phones are widely used by everyone that has made this advertising media a more effective medium of launching any promotion campaign of a product, service or business. Mobile SMS Advertising is one of the effective tools used by mobile advertisers. Low cost in nature, Mobile SMS Advertising reaches out to maximum number of customers within a minimum amount of time. Mobile SMS Advertising is infact becoming one of the hottest means of brand promotion at present.  With more than 270 million mobile users in the country, India is becoming one of the fast emerging markets for mobile advertisers. The budding numbers of various mobile advertising agencies are evident of the popularity of this medium of advertising.


Mobile Advertising – In Vogue

Mobile Phones are the latest adopted tools of advertising in the market. Mobile Advertising is in vogue. Big and Small advertisers indulge in this tool of advertising with a viewpoint that mobile ads offer the most successful means to reach a new pool of target customers or to interact with existing customers. A mobile is a personalized device of an individual. Hence, it renders immediacy to the advertisers while promoting a brand or business through this particular medium.

Advertising to the potential customers via their most personal information source i.e. mobile device is the most effective tool of marketing. Advertising through mobiles reaches and influences the targeted customers with a richer impact. In mobile advertising, you can also have a control where your ad is seen and also track response and create mobile-specific landing pages for your products and services.

Mobile ads reach your audience in minutes. As a mobile advertiser you can set your own precise targeting by specific keywords, locations, customer’s interest etc. One major benefit of mobile advertising is that you can easily manage your costs and success through real-time and coverage.

Mobile Ads are in vogue in the market. Several business holders, entrepreneurs, advertisers are adopting this technique of advertising for a richer and effective impact upon their target customers. Mobile SMS advertising campaigns are exclusively carried on. Business or brand holders do not hesitate to make heavy investment in this type of advertising as they find credible results out of every ad spend. However, advertising through mobiles is not expensive as compared to other mediums. Hence, mobile advertising can be embedded along with other promotional tools to endorse a brand, service or business.

Mobile advertising coupled with internet advertising will not only promote your business to the target group but will also provide them an engaging brand experience.