Advertising Online? Make Sure Your Content Leaves No Scope for Trolls!

Internet Advertising has a new threat. No, this threat is not from the black hats, neither is it from a new updates of the search engines. This threat comes directly from the very users which Internet Advertising target (or at least the cheeky ones). These are the very funny, very witty (but from the brand’s point of view, very unwanted) Trolls. Trolling has the capability to hit your ad so hard that it becomes a major task to proofread it against any such possibility.

A troll is any internet user who comments or modifies any posting on the internet (including ad campaigns) with an intention to cause disruption or sabotage the post. A troll usually finds loopholes in the graphics or the ad copy and wrecks havoc with slight modifications or by pointing out the discrepancy with their comments and re-tweets. The way to prevent them from doing so is to ensure that the copies and design do not resemble anything which is offensive or defeats the purpose of the campaign. Campaigns which are highly localized should also take the local anecdotes and customs into consideration. For example, an Internet Advertising Campaign, using a series of images and targeting the Middle East, should be careful as Arabic, the prevalent language there, is read from the right to left.

The trolls have increased the importance and scope of proofreading. The leading Internet Advertising Agencies take special care on this front. A trolled ad campaign often tends to be a complete disaster as it usually gains more popularity than the original ad itself.


Is the Strife on Google’s Latest Changes Merited?

How many times have you seen the service providers in the online markets go up in fury when Google announces changes? Be it SEO Services, price comparison services, or any other service utilizing Google’s search ranking as a base for their functions, most of the relevant agencies seem ever ready to scoff at any change announced by Google. Let’s analyze the criticism lashed out at Google’s latest change, the Hummingbird and whether the discussions and debates raging over the subject are merited.

In a nutshell, the introduction of Hummingbird changed the algorithm by which Google showed results. The focus has shifted from individual keywords to the phrase typed by the user. The user can’t be anything but pleased at Google’s latest ability to react better to longer and complex search phrases. However, another change that was made was the restriction of keyword data to the paid users. It is this change which has led some of the service providers to accuse Google of discrimination. Some suggested Google wanted monopoly, some said it will kill small businesses, and the discussion forums have been overloaded!

Most of anger directed at this change or any other change by Google is perhaps rooted in another cause. SEO Agencies spend enormous amount of resources in order to ensure that Google’s guidelines are followed. Changes in Google necessitate corresponding changes in the companies’ strategies. And when the updates and changes are made at intervals as regular as Google’s, the load on the resources increase. Additionally, this time Google stopped a few freebies like keyword data and that further increased the tempers.

However, if seen from a third person’s objective, the changes were not only required, but do not exactly merit the wrath that they have attracted. Firstly, if Google’s earlier guideline of good quality content has been already followed, there is no requirement for any major changes. This should have been the task of the SEO Service Providers from day 1. The question of cutting out some of the free services is a little tricky. But, providing free services and charging for them once they are popular is a common trend among online businesses. Any online application or service provider provides more for the ones who pay. Google cannot be accused of attempting monopoly just because when it starts charging a few new services a much larger base of consumers get affected.

Google’s Hummingbird brings on the changes demanded by the new voice search technology. Google is moving with the times, bringing in changes to utilize the latest available technologies. It is the job of the SEO Experts and Mobile and Internet Advertising Agencies to keep up.


How To Select A Digital Advertising Agency

So now you know that you are losing an important chunk of your sales because your business is invisible on the internet. And thus you have decided that you need a Digital Advertising Agency or Internet Advertising Agency to put up your website. Now is the time for the real headache. How to select an Advertising Agency which can do justice in putting up your business profitably? This is an important step which can decide whether your business is appropriately put before the consumers or your investment in Internet Advertising has gone to waste. To complicate matters, advertisers will always project them as experts, even though most of them are still trying to understand the concepts of this new platform.

Following a few measures will work wonders in ensuring that you entrust the advertising of your business in capable hands:

Range of Services Offered

Advertising on Internet is a very vast platform. It opened up avenues like Banner Advertisements, Mobile Advertising, Video Campaigns, Local Internet Advertising, SEO and much more. Check the range of services offered by the advertiser. The smaller the range, the lesser value you are getting for your money. If certain services are omitted in the package offered by the advertiser, it most probably means that they are not equipped to provide them. Any other explanation is most likely a cover up as Internet Advertising Services are popular for being easy to implement. This is of course provided that the relevant technical and human resources are present.

Development & Maintenance

One of the important technical differences between Advertisements on the Internet and the other platforms is the constant monitoring and development which an Internet Ad and its landing site require. Putting up a website and ads leading to it is the easier part of the job. An ad, which is not relevant or leads to a landing page which is not properly maintained, does not serve its purpose. Thus, the Web Development and Designing Services offered by the Advertising Company need careful scrutiny. It is very important that ads stay prominently visible before its content becomes popular.

Another effective way of finding a Competitive Ad Agency is by its reputation or by how its clients are faring. MAD Advertising Agency is a Top Digital Advertising Agency in Delhi, and provides excellent Mobile and Internet Advertising Solutions. Visit www.mobileandinternetadvertising.com for more details.